The Process

PART 2 - Affect

Written on 08/12/2014
David Anderson

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious 
thoughts.” Psalm 139:23 (NIV) 
How has this specific offense, hurt or loss affected you?

(A) What have your thoughts been?  Use your note-taking app or notebook to process your thoughts.

(B) What have your thoughts been toward the person 
involved (as applicable)?  Use your note-taking app or notebook to process your thoughts toward the person involved.

(C) What have your feelings been? The following is a list of  words to help you identify what you may be feeling in relationship to your specific offense, hurt or loss. 

Identify those that most apply to you: 

Rejected Abandoned Failure Judged
Hopeless Helpless Bitter Dumb
Angry Guilty Stupid Sad
Rage Unclean Unwanted Fearful
Out of control Ugly Depressed Anxious
Inadequate Shamed Insecure Unloved
Unprotected  Betrayed Used Fat Inferior
Victimized  Jealous Condemned    Loser
Lonely Distrustful Hate Dirty

Referring to the words that you have identified above, or other words  that apply, use your note-taking app or notebook to write out how this specific offense, hurt or loss  has affected you.